Who runs the World?

blockchains interconnector
that brings together all of blockchains
in one place, in any place.

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Dominant consensus
for saving the world


Unlimited number
of nodes-validators

High speed

New block every
5 seconds or 15Mb of size


Create & deploy smart contracts
with Solidity


Add your platform to the YARprotocol for a win-win united growing


Develop smart contracts with multi-value & data support with other blockchains in the YAR chain


Propose changes and vote on blockchain upgrades with the governance module

Open Source

Work together to build the free and open source YAR developer community

Market Problem

Currently we have:

More than


Layer 2 protocols

More than


Layer 1 blockchains


Develop a modular infrastructure for cross-chain interaction

  • dr. Sergey Glukhota
    dr. Sergey Glukhota
    YAR Architect
    “Establish high-level communication standards (protocol, layer) which take support all types of existing private and public blockchains, and protocols. The protocol should have an automation center that can create links between connected entities and of course it should be yet another blockchain. Of course, this blockchain should support smart contracts with end-to-end security states and should have a featured interface for communication person-2-person, person-2-many-persons, many-persons-2-many-persons, and many-persons-2-person. This blockchain should be established like a fully decentralized issuer. That is why we choose EVM as the root of the new blockchain and PoS as the dominant consensus. The new blockchain will be managed like DAO by node-validators. It means that all discussed changes in blockchain logic and mechanic will become reality only after the node-validators vote. It means that the transaction fee will always cost less than 0.01$ no matter which will YARcoin price is. It means that all needed updates will be implemented just after voting will be done. ”

How does YAR will work

It is a whole new level of blockchain-based products and services development. It's a new era of the possibility of decentralization.
You can create multi-coin DEX, supply-chain platforms, CRMs and ERPs, Marketplaces, scoring systems, DeFi, GameFi, and Crowdfunding platforms which will work on blockchain.

1. YAR consists

of an end-to-end security protocol (YARprotocol) which works with each of added blockchains, and an EVM-based blockchain (YARchain) where smart contracts are published that automate the process of interaction.

2. Every blockchain

or platform can connect YAR protocol through a secure network of oracles or add supports oracle into the YAR code

3. Oracle can work

with wallets, *rc-10, -20, -721, -1155, and custom smart contracts, and can collect, transform, and interact with data.

4. A developer

writes a smart contract (using any IDE like REMIX) (Solidity - native language for smart contract creation) or creates it with a contract-visual-constructor with any number of connections, links, and routes to any type of blockchains, outside-based smart contracts, or oracles.

5. Deploy

this smart contract into the YARchain and work with all data which will be produced by deployed smart contract in any place when and whenever you wants, using power API

6. The developer

can create a multi-person smart contract like DAO or exchange order book, and manage all of the linked data and assets.

7. YARcoin

using for deployment and interaction with smart contracts.

What Will You Build?

Here's a list of blockchain use cases for inspiration

Open Finance

Centralized exchanges are subject to the whims of their jurisdictions. Build a decentralized economy to let your users trade across connected coins & token.


Gaming is one of the most obvious platforms for digital currency usage. Build an engaging game with digital goods from different blockchains, tradeable directly on your platform.

Cross-Border/Chain Payments

Revolutionize traditional banking by reducing the friction and cost of cross-border transactions and payments.
Act as the payment router between many connected blockchains.

Real Estate

Store and transfer ownership of property rights and other licensing documents. Blockchains act as notaries in which you can use to verify ownership or revocation of property.


Connect every part of your business in one place: clients, employees, warehouse management system, IOT data, logistics, etc.

Digital profile

Use blockchain interconnector for verifying data across customers' activity. Connect any outside data (like Facebook, Twitter, any external blockchains, and smart contracts...) into your profiling system.

YAR Tokenomics

YAR produced 1’000’000’000 BSC-based tokens.




Launchpad Sale


Private Sale


Whale's time

Maximum number of tokens 100’000’000 200’000’000 300’000’000 400’000’000
Current price $ $ $ $
Raising funds $100’000’000 $180’000’000 $240’000’000 $120’000’000
Vesting Period 0 month 6 months 12 months 24 months
Contribution type PancakeSwap Launchpad On-site boarding Warm Intro
Minimal allocation $1 $1'000 $10'000 $1’000’000
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All unsold tokens will be burned after the main net launch.
After YARchain launching, all of the contributors can change YARtokens for YARcoin 1-by-1.

Token Sale structure

Principle of token distribution, bonuses and bounty of YAR





Funds Distribution structure

Principle of raised funds distribution




Liquidity Poll

Revenue distribution structure

Principle of future operation revenue distribution








YAR has a one-year development strategy that combines three deep-diving chapters: to develop the YAR chain, No-code visual smart-contract constructor, and YAR protocol. And now, we have already collected funds for YAR chain development, and we need $1.4M to realize another two steps.

YAR chain development (TestNet)                                                        
   Blockchain managing DAO                                                        
   Cross-chain bridge (EVM-based chains)                                                        
Visual smart-contracts constructor                                                        
   Tokens constructor                                                        
   DAO constructor                                                        
   Two-side contract constructor                                                        
   Outside data contract integration                                                        
   Multi contract relation constructor                                                        
YAR protocol developmet                                                        
   Create documentation, API, SDK, etc                                                        
    Add EVM-based blockchain connectors                                                        
   Add JSON-RPC connectors                                                        
   Add TRON connectors                                                        
   Add SOLANA connectors                                                        
   Add BITCOIN connectors                                                        
Current YAR Token price $
Start price change

Buy tokens NOW!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you think you can done this task?

    Our team consists of 20 highly professional blockchain developers who have been working on the development of private and public blockchains for over 7 years. That is, we have already developed similar platforms.

  • When does the coin sale starts?

    The sale of tokens is already begin. You can buy tokens in any of four way. Looking for Tokenomics

  • Can I deploy my existing Solidity contract into YARchain?

    Absolutely, YES! YARchain is EVM-based blockchain, so you can deploy any of your contract into the YAR.

  • Can I add custom connector, for examle for SAP or Twitter into the YAR protocol?

    Absolutely, YES! YARprotocol is open-sourced project. You can add any connector to the YARprotocol. But you can use your connector only with YARchain-based smart contract.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining the status of a node?

    Holding the declared number of coins on a smart contract and the presence of a physical / virtual server that contains a complete copy of the blockchain.

  • Can I be a node without holding coins?

    Yes, but you will not receive a reward for verifying new blocks. The need to "raise" the node arises in the case of developing services on YAR.

  • How many coins will go on sale in total?

    We are limited tokens for sale with 1'000'000'000 YAR tokens.

  • How quickly do you plan to list on the top exchanges?

    Yar token is already listed on PancakeSWAP. Looking for Tokenomics

  • What percentage of the funds received will be directed to market making and liquidity pools?

    We plan to use up to 37% of the funds received to maintain liquidity. 27% will be placed in a development fund and directed to the development of the platform.

  • Why YAR is better than COSMOS and PolkaDOT?

    Based on the description, COSMOS and PolkaDOT are Layer 0 solutions for creating new blockchains that can communicate with each other.
    YAR is betting on the unification of all existing blockchains and systems into a single communications network. YAR is not a replacement for any other blockchain or platform. We are positioning YAR as a blockchain interconnector. Our team is creating a new product in which we will unite the entire blockchain world, allowing developers to use the necessary technological solution of one or another system, accelerating the development and integration process into the real world.

  • Why YAR is better than ThorChain?

    THORChain — An Immutable, Cross-chain DEX - as we can see in the THORChain summary, written by Erik Voorhees.
    ThorChain and YAR its like General ans Higher Mathematics. ThorChain can work only with coins and tokens. YAR can work with any data in any supporting entities - send, receive, create, hold, manipulate, calculate, route, etc.