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the first and only open, operator-free, decentralized
interoperability provider for the whole web3 world

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Interconnector NFT collections


Dominant consensus
for saving the world


Unlimited number
of nodes-validators

High speed

New block every
5 seconds or 15Mb of size


Create & deploy smart contracts
with Solidity


Add your platform to the YARprotocol for a win-win united growing


Develop smart contracts with multi-value & data support with other blockchains in the YAR chain


Propose changes and vote on blockchain upgrades with the governance module

Open Source

Work together to build the free and open source YAR developer community

Market Problem



Transfers and SWAPS are expensive.

You could be paying up to 20%


Not exist

decentralized, open, operator-free, non-governance cross-chain solution that supports transfers of all asset types across all chains.

Vitalik Buterin proof it

YAR is the solution to these issues

Decentralized, low cost, non-governance, operator-free transfers of all asset types across every single chain.

  • dr. Sergey Glukhota
    dr. Sergey Glukhota
    YAR Starter
    "Transferring liquidity between blockchains is crucial for greater efficiency and flexibility in using digital assets. It allows users to leverage unique features without being locked into a single platform. Improved liquidity drives growth and innovation in the industry, making blockchains more attractive to investors, developers, and users."

    This also leads to an increase in liquidity throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem, which is essential for the long-term success of the technology. By improving liquidity, blockchains become more attractive to investors, developers, and users alike, which further drives growth and innovation in the industry.

How does YAR will work

YAR is a fully decentralized L1+L2 blockchain solution. That uses blockchain messaging technology for data transferring between blockchains.
It means that YAR opens cross-chain transferring for a whole market and disruptive low transaction fees made cross-chain available for micro-transactions and for cross-chain data migration.

1. YAR consists

of an end-to-end security protocol (YARprotocol) which works with each of the added blockchains, and an EVM-based witness blockchain (YARchain) where smart contracts are published that automate the process of interaction.

3. Easy & free listing

of blockchain opens new opportunities for brand-new chains. Add your favorite blockchain to the YARprotocol and all liquidity users from all supported chains will be available for transfer to your chain.

5. $YAR (YAR coin)

is the only payment method for cross-chain transactions fee payment, staking, and DAO voting.
$YAR is an index coin, the price of $YAR is supported by backed coins of supported chains.

2. Chain-2-multichain

cross-chain transferring technology, the transferred token will remain the same across all chains. Regardless of how many steps the token takes, it can be withdrawn to the domestic chain at any time, and the token balance will be unified as one.

4. Other cross-chain projects

like Axelar and LayerZero provide services for new projects (if you want to use it, build your project from scratch with its support). YAR provides cross-chain services for any projects and users. This means we can service their clients, but they can’t service our clients. That is what makes YAR much more powerful than all our competitors.

6. Universal Data Feeds

provides customizable, cost-effective, and verified data streaming in a standardized format, enabling smart contracts to seamlessly access both Web2 and Web3 data.

What Will You Build?

Here's a list of blockchain use cases for inspiration

DEX & DeFi

Centralized exchanges are subject to the whims of their jurisdictions. Build a decentralized economy to let your users trade across connected coins & token.


Gaming is one of the most obvious platforms for digital currency usage. Build an engaging game with digital goods from different blockchains, tradeable directly on your platform.

Cross-Border/Chain Payments

Revolutionize traditional banking by reducing the friction and cost of cross-border transactions and payments.
Act as the payment router between many connected blockchains.

Real Estate

Store and transfer ownership of property rights and other licensing documents. Blockchains act as notaries in which you can use to verify ownership or revocation of property.


Connect every part of your business in one place: clients, employees, warehouse management system, IOT data, logistics, etc.

Digital profile

Use blockchain interconnector for verifying data across customers' activity. Connect any outside data (like Facebook, Twitter, any external blockchains, and smart contracts...) into your profiling system.

$YAR Seed offer

From now on. What's waited 'til tomorrow starts tonight...

Detailed tokenomics


FFF round


Syndicate sale

Total Supply $YAR on Jun 29, '24 7.6M 21M 6.7M
Circulation supply, $YAR - - - -
Raising funds, USDT - 0.86M 25.2M 20.2M
$YAR price, USDT - 0.1 1.2 3
Min. Allocation, USDT - - 60'000 150'000
Max. Allocation, USDT - - 6'000'000 600'000
Subject to vesting Staking Staking Staking Staking
Cliff period Till MainNet 8 mo after TGE 8 mo after TGE 8 mo after TGE
Vesting period 95% vested 24 mo, linear 24 mo, linear 24 mo, linear
Node Network offer - 100%
24 mo lock in node
24 mo lock in node
24 mo lock in node
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Funds Distribution structure

Principle of raised funds distribution




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you think you can done this task?

    Our team consists of 20 highly professional blockchain developers who have been working on the development of private and public blockchains for over 7 years. That is, we have already developed similar platforms.

  • When does the coin sale starts?

    The sale of tokens is already begin. Looking for Tokenomics

  • Can I deploy my existing Solidity contract into YARchain?

    Absolutely, YES! YARchain is EVM-based blockchain, so you can deploy any of your contract into the YAR.

  • Can I add custom connector, for examle for SAP or Twitter into the YAR protocol?

    Absolutely, YES! YARprotocol is open-sourced project. You can add any connector to the YARprotocol. But you can use your connector only with YARchain-based smart contract.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining the status of a node?

    Holding the declared number of coins on a smart contract and the presence of a physical / virtual server that contains a complete copy of the blockchain.

  • Can I be a node without holding coins?

    Yes, but you will not receive a reward for verifying new blocks. The need to "raise" the node arises in the case of developing services on YAR.

  • Why YAR is better than COSMOS and PolkaDOT?

    Based on the description, COSMOS and PolkaDOT are Layer 0 solutions for creating new blockchains that can communicate with each other.
    YAR is betting on the unification of all existing blockchains and systems into a single communications network. YAR is not a replacement for any other blockchain or platform and doesn't need any updates to exist code and infrastructure. We are positioning YAR as a blockchain interconnector. Our team is creating a new product in which we will unite the entire blockchain world, allowing developers to use the necessary technological solution of one or another system, accelerating the development and integration process into the real world.

    For example, you can use IBC, and yes “IBC is designed to be a flexible and interoperable protocol that can be implemented by any blockchain, regardless of its underlying technology.”. But you should integrate IBC into your code. So IBC will never appear in the existing blockchain.

    Add interoperability with YAR doesn't need any manipulation with existing projects. Just help us create a connector or write it by yourself, deploy it into YARprotocol and your blockchain is interoperable with all supported blockchains. You are developing some dApp? Integrate YAR into your dApp backend and use all power of all blockchains just with a few lines of code. You develop smart contracts for TRON and you need data from FileCoin or KAVA, or Arbitrum, or DogeCoin? Add YARconnector to your contract - just one line of code and your task is done. All of these cases are impossible without YAR.

  • Why YAR is better than ThorChain?

    THORChain — An Immutable, Cross-chain DEX - as we can see in the THORChain summary, written by Erik Voorhees.
    ThorChain and YAR its like General ans Higher Mathematics. ThorChain can work only with coins and tokens. YAR can work with any data in any supporting entities - send, receive, create, hold, manipulate, calculate, route, etc.

  • Why YAR is better than LayerZero?

    1. YAR is a decentralized service, while LayerZero is centralized.
    2. YAR will support all blockchains, whereas LayerZero officially supports only 12 chains.
    3. Any existing or new project can use YAR for cross-chain transactions, whereas only projects developed with LayerZero support can use LayerZero for cross-chain transactions.
    4. YAR can transfer all types of data, including web2 data feeds, and assets between chains. On the other hand, LayerZero is focused on fungible assets (erc20 tokens) and liquidity provision.
    5. YAR services all markets, while LayerZero services only new projects.
    6. YAR always has 100% Proof-of-Reserve, unlike LayerZero.
    7. YAR can transfer data using chain-2-multichain technology, while LayerZero only supports chain-2-chain transfers. This means that if you need to send your data from Ethereum to Polygon, to Solana, to Linea, and then withdraw some part to Ethereum, you would need to go back through the same path with LayerZero. With YAR, you can send your token to Ethereum, and the withdrawal process will be completed. With YAR, all data and assets in all chains are the same, unlike LayerZero, where it's different data and assets.
    8. YAR supports smart contract updating, unlike LayerZero. With YAR, all updates in the domestic chain will immediately be submitted in all the transferred chains, which is crucially important for RWA.
    More differences can be seen here.

  • What's about WanChain, ARK & ICON? Why YAR?

    Good question. Quick overview of all of these projects:

    Wanchain aims to build a distributed “bank”. Just as traditional banks are the infrastructure of the current financial framework, Wanchain seeks to build a new, distributed infrastructure of digital assets to form an improved, modern framework - an ambitious goal indeed.

    Wanchain is very similar to ThorChain, but it's just a "distributed bank". It's only 10% of YAR.

    ARK is a blockchain-based development platform allowing anyone to create their own fully customizable and interoperable blockchain. Reducing the industry's need for Smart Contracts by using custom transactions, logic, and multiple programming languages.

    Very similar to COSMOS. YAR isn't a blockchain development tool. YAR is an interconnector of all of the existing and new blockchains and platforms.

    ICON is a blockchain with the goal of "connecting crypto to the real world and advancing our society towards true hyperconnectivity". ICON aims to reach this goal by connecting independent blockchains and enabling transactions between them.

    Very interesting project. But YAR solving absolutely another problem, we connect all of the web3 items in one place.